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Is This the Best Market For Investors and First-Time Buyers in Over 50 Years!

The average sale price across the GTA at the end of January 2009, dropped to mid way between 2006 and 2007 prices.  January brought 2670 sales, vs. 5075 in the same month last year, and at current absorption rates, there is a more or less an 8-month supply of homes currently listed..  According to the news media, the sky is surely falling, right?  You’d think so by all of the negative news surrounding us and the droll faces so many are wearing, yet there is a bright side to the dark news.  Note that there were still 2670 sales!  The market is not dead… just shifted to the advantage of buyers.  In fact, this is the market buyers have been waiting for 13 years.

IN A BUYER’S MARKET, IT’S A GREAT TIME FOR BUYERS TO BE BUYING.  Now, that self-evident fact may still fall on some deaf ears, but correct me if I’m wrong… don’t most of us wait until it is exactly the opposite before we make our buying moves?  Equity market investors wait till the stock market soars, then try to climb on for the ride… and real estate investors do the same thing.   In the frenzy of the late 80’s, we couldn’t wait to climb on the real estate rocket ship… and watch the prices tank once 1990 hit us.      Investing on the upswing makes no more sense today than it ever did. Investors love to preach “buy LOW and sell HIGH”, but somehow lose the ability to act on that advice when a market like this confronts them.  What are we waiting for?

Interest rates may be the lowest any of us have seen in half a century… making it a great time to be buying your first home or investing in Mississauga Real Estate.  Yes, prices are sliding (good news for buyers)… and buyer’s can virtually write their own ticket (good news for buyers)… and interest rates as low as 2.5% are being announced by major lenders (good news for buyers).

What are you waiting for to hop on the Real Estate Train?

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